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ARRT Actions

Some of the ARRT (Artists Respond and Resist Together) activities include: 

  • Making signage for multiple planned and spontaneous marches and providing art activities for adults and children at these marches.

  • Held yearly ARRT exhibitions at the Resource Center for Nonviolence. On Hope, Climate Change, Protecting Democracy and the Planet. 

  • We helped create a ResistFest with Santa Cruz Indivisible, which was organized to activate more participatory citizenship. With help, I designed and built a giant (20'l x 10w x 15'h) Citizen Ship-USS Dreamer with paper-folded lifeboats, which welcomed participants to tell the stories of the first immigrant in their family who arrived in America.

Citizen Ship USS Dreamer
  • We hosted a weekend street mural-making workshop with David Solnit and worked on the Climate strike making banners and signage and street murals

  • Held informative community talks about political art and art activism.

  • Made 100’s of vote-ive candles for 2018 and 2020 elections to help voters prepare to vote.

  • In 2018 we created Billboards to get out the vote and challenge Devin Nunes in Fresno, CA

Billboard 2018 midterm challenging Devin Nunes
  • At the beginning of Covid, we sent hundreds of “We haven’t forgotten you” cards to Elder Care centers around the county. And decorated “Stay strong” rocks as well.

  • Painted hundreds of Vote Rocks to distribute here and elsewhere to GOTV

  • With Santa Cruz Indivisible we created light show projections to help get out the vote.

  • 4 ARRT members created a giant puppet of RBG to memorialize her and fight the late term supreme court appointment.

  • Together we developed the Saffron Ribbons Project to collectively grieve the growing Covid Deaths, which were around 100,000 when we started the project. The project quickly expanded to honoring and supporting Black Lives Matter and protesting deaths by police brutality and systemic racism. The ribbons  were displayed all over town for months. I then collected everyone’s ribbons and designed an installation that is included in the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History’s exhibit In These Uncertain Times thru June 2020.   

In Grief and Solidarity, In These Uncertain Times
2020 MAH In Grief and Solidarity
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