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About Sara

I began exploring photography at age nineteen and it has continued to inform and enrich my life in ways I never could have imagined. Yet in my twenties I also discovered ceramics and pursued that for ten years until I found myself painting on pots with colored slips and realized that I didn’t know how to paint. Since I couldn’t draw and painting was even more revered as an art form, I figured I just wasn’t cut out to be an “artist” and should stick to the more technical crafts. But at that point I challenged myself to first do the exercises in Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain (Edwards) and to study painting in Bali with a traditional master (Mokoh) and I soon shifted to canvas and didn’t return to clay until just recently when the pandemic ushered me back to clay once more.

Now, having pursued many forms of creativity, I’m convinced that all artistic expression (from writing to dance) is a means of communication and self-expression and in every mode our unique personal aesthetic and our core values telegraph through.

My journey into mixed media began in the late 90’s after studying digital photography/Photoshop with Ted Orland and taking workshops with Holly Roberts, both inspirational artists and extraordinary teachers. Since then I have produced many unique series, starting with Chinese Women: Bound and Determined and including Subway Reflexions, Aerials, Blurred Landscapes, Architecture Restructured, and more. In 2012, I started an interactive sculptural installation: Stonewalled in Jerusalem and after three years, I began the series American Women: Birds of im/Migration. I have continued to work on digital photographic collages/prints over the past decade and all of my pieces have been scanned for printing. The latest series, Offerings: Human/Nature, deals with the imminent threats to our planet and our humanity. 

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